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Like it or not, keeping up with the latest trends in technology has become a major tool for hunters. Using smartphone apps can be consider as much of a hunting tool as you would a trail camera or even a rifle or bow.

By learning to use some of the best hunting apps on the market you can increase your chances for a successful hunt. Smartphone apps are tools that can help you easily discover your hunting ground or find new places to hunt. They can teach you how to call in a big buck or a bird and skin them on the spot. It’s also a tool in some cases that can help keep you safe in a hunting party and keep your weapons of choice in check.

No matter if you are a first time app user or an experienced one, these are the best hunting apps we find most useful.  But just remember, they are a welcoming asset for every hunter but also a distraction, so keep your mind on what’s important, the game.

AccuWeather ( iOS | Android ) – Sometimes all you need and want is old fashion weather data. With minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts for the next two hours hyper-localized to your exact GPS location, AccuWeather is the best one.

Hunt Predictor Hunting Times (iOS | Android) – This app is one of the best that utilizes John Alden Knight’s Solunar theory to predict the best hunting times for deer, turkey, and waterfowl and it’s completely FREE. It offers a detailed, location-based, 5 day prediction that’ll help you identify when your favorite game is on the move. iPhone alternative is iSolunar while Android one is Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time.

ActInNature Hunting ( iOS | Android ) – Probably the best mapping, tracking and navigation app for hunters. An app that safeguards your hunting party. You can plan and then navigate either by POIs, distance circle or compass while in action. It also shows GPS positions of other hunters from your party on the map so you know their directions and speed as they move. Finally you can also record your tracks, register observations and hunted animals with pics and videos in the journal for later bragging.

SAS Survival Guide ( iOS | Android ) – With this app you will never be caught off guard when in nature, even if you get lost. It is a manual of the elite training in world-class survival skills from Britain’s toughest fighting force + it comes with a device to signal Morse code, a checklist, sun compass etc.

Hunting Light and Blood Tracker ( iOS | Android ) – A handy hunting flashlight app that provides screen lights of various colors for specific uses in the field. PLUS the addition of a ‘blood tracking’ light filter that enhances the visibility of a blood trail left by your wounded game.

Primos Hunting Calls ( iOS ) – With over 20 fully interactive calls this one will improve your skills for bringing in turkey, elk, deer, duck, hogs, and many more. Best available similar, maybe even better, Android app is iHunt Calls.

ArcheryPal ( iOS ) – First ever Archery productivity tool made especially for iPhone aiming at enhancing your skills not only in understanding correlation between speed and kinetic energy but also in understanding how to balance your arrows the right way and many more.

Ballistic: Advanced Edition ( iOS ) – Ballistic is a highly-accurate ballistic calculator and range companion app. When things get tough you can use this app to help you predict how to take the best shot with the gear you have on yourself. Best available similar Android app is Norma Ballistics.

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